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Frequently Asked Questions

bullet What is Teen Techs?

A tutoring and service-learning after school program for Wood Middle School students that will allow students to experience creative projects like making animations as well as service based projects, like rebuilding a computer system, removal of viruses and understand the relationship between server and client, such as Minecrafter Server and Client.

bullet How do I know if I will like it?

If you are creative or hands-on person or just like computers, you will love the program!

bullet What do I need to be part of Teen Techs?

Anyone can sign up, but preference to 6th grade students. You must have a minumum 2.0 GPA and no more than one unsatisfactory grade in citizenship and the willingness to learn new things to inspire others. You and your parent or guardian will also need to read and sign the participation form and that's it!

bullet Will it be fun?

Of course, it will be fun! Imagine creating your own animations, producing a movie to post on youtube or podcast or a service learning skill like building a minecraft server or just rebuilding a computer!

bullet Can I go to both sessions?

At this time, you can only attend one session a week to give other students a chance to experience the program.

bullet If the session that I want is full, is there a waiting list?

Yes, if a student does not attend 2 consecutive sessions, they will be dropped from the program allowing others to join. All students will receive an email in their school loop account to view the google doc to see if a particular session is full as well as a waiting list.

Send email to info@teentechs.org

Modified on January 12, 2013